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Finding a property in Mallorca is always difficult and time consuming.

In order to have fun and above all to save time and money, we at PROPERTY SCOUTS will gladly take over the search for you!

Together with you we will create a detailed search profile for your dream property. On this basis, we start a professional scouting to find the right home for you in Mallorca.

Objects that match the search profile will be personally visited by us in advance.

Our goal is to have a precise selection of objects that match your search profile as accurately as possible and that we can visit together on your next visit to Mallorca.

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Search profile For a successful search, we must know your ideas about your dream property as accurately as possible. For this please use the Property Scouts search profile. When creating the search profile, we can also support you. Just contact us.
Scouting In addition to our own real estate we scan the offers of all relevant real estate agencies in Mallorca. These include small regional agencies that are hard to find on the internet. In addition, we regularly visit the various regions of the island to explore new interesting objects directly.
Time savings All objects are visited by us in advance. In this way, we obtain detailed knowledge of the object in order to avoid unexpected surprises for you in advance, which are not apparent from the usual broker exposés. Therefore, we focus your time on the inspection of objects that actually meet your expectations.

SUCHPROFIL Zunächst erstellen wir gemeinsam mit Ihnen ein ausführliches Suchprofil für Ihre Traumimmobilie. Auf dieser Basis starten wir ein professionelles Scouting, um diese für Sie auf Mallorca zu finden.

SCOUTING Neben unseren eigenen Angeboten scannen wir die Angebote aller relevanten Immobilienagenturen auf Mallorca. Dazu gehören auch kleine, regionale Agenturen, die man im Internet kaum findet. Zusätzlich sind wir selbst regelmäßig in den verschiedenen Regionen auf der Insel unterwegs, um direkt neue interessante Objekte zu scouten.

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